Ideation & Prototyping Week 8: Time Capsule II


The basic shape of a capsule will be a cylinder. I was mainly inspired by a pneumatic tube canister and scroll paintings.

  • Specify: A common perception is that we bury a time capsule. I don’t like the idea. I want it to breathe. Also, the concept of a time capsule is a message that is handed down to the later generation. It would be something flows and connects. Therefore, a pneumatic tube canister seemed suitable for a form.
  • Design: The body part will be transparent to give a contrast to the rubber lids’ rigid feeling. It’s also nice to peek inside. It will possibly be plastic or PVC; lightweight. Most of my items are flat and bendable so a roller design will work; it’s convenient to operate, compact to store, and intuitive.


  1. Measurement: these lids are initially for capping pipes. When determining the size of the capsule, I set the standard by the lids’ radius. They are readymade by inches. I chose the 3" ones. The height needed to be at least longer than 15cm, (roughly a bit less than 6 inches) considering the items’ dimensions.
  2. Materials: plastic file dividers, PVC pipe caps, a straw
  3. Next steps: (1)Fix the body; it’s too weak to bear the weight of a lid (2)Make a straw to spin (3)Recolor the straw (4)Attach the materials to the core
(Left) Materials (Right) Prototype work in progress



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